About our company


Our experienced team of partners in the various sectors posses years of actual experience in the African region giving us a significant advantage in supporting you and your projects.

We offer our regional knowledge and government relationship combined with extensive field capabilities and  years of experience.

We offer a full spectrum of project management from project feasibility all the way to high level execution, efficiency and profitability based on the project planning and milestones for our clients.


Mining and Extraction

Oil & Gas

Power Projects

Urban Development


Renewable Energy

Water Projects


Our clients are industry-leading companies from around the world, with strong reputations and proven track records. Their common interest is the business BGG can help them create in the African region. Our clients are headquartered mainly in Europe, Middle East and the US, maintaining work sites, plants, offices and other business locations around the world.


Project Support

A sound business strategy is essential for a successful business. Without disciplined execution, the same strategy renders little value. BGG is a project management consulting firm that helps you succeed where companies often fail – in implementation and execution.

Civil Technologies

Water solutions, Agriculture technologies, CCTV monitoring technologies, Temperature and cold rooms, Loss control technologies, Mapping and Urban Development.

Defense Technologies

Law enforcement, Military, Homeland Security and Intelligence

Investment and Government Relationships

•Research: Equity ~300 companies; Fixed Income ~400 companies

•Sales and Trading distribution platform which rivals / exceeds even Bulge

•Strong technical and financial staff with industry experience

•Coordinated across departments on transactions and after market support